New Song - April Showers

I added words, chords and audio files (mp3 and ogg-vorbis) for April Showers from our soon-to-be released Fabulous Heftones CD In the Garden.


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New song

Would it be possible to look at adding a song called 'Barefoot Days' which I believe was written in 1923 by Al wilson & Jas. Brennan

Many thanks

Re: New Song

For this site I stick to music published before 1923 or music I wrote myself. Most songs from after 1922 are under copyright enforcement, so if I started posting more recent songs I'd likely get take-down notices from lawyers. I suppose I could purchase "compulsary licenses" for some newer songs, but that would be expensive and would take away much of the fun for me.

I'd love to offer free downloads of the songs from the later in the 1920s and beyond, but due to revisions to copyright laws, most songs from after 1922 will not enter the public domain in my lifetime. It's sad, since the original intent of copyright law was to encourage the production and distribution of new creations, not to stifle it for generations.

On the bright side, there is plenty of great music published before 1923 waiting to be played and heard again. I'm growing very fond of it.