Ukulele Yes! - The Classroom Ukulele eZine

If you are interested in the ukulele, check out the beautiful new Ukulele Yes! web site. It's a site dedicated to ukulele education, especially in the classroom. It's a revival of the Canadian-published Ukulele Yes! magazine, now edited by James Hill.

The new issue has an article by John Kavanagh about playing ragtime music on ukulele - The article quotes, among others, a version of "Maple Leaf Rag" I recorded a few years back (mp3). If you want to try it on your ukulele, check out the tablature for the is arrangement. The article also links to tablature based on a recording I did of "The Entertainer". You can see a Youtube video of pretty much the same arrangement,

Here's a Youtube playlist of my ragtime ukulele videos: