Raspberry Rag

Raspberry Rag - Original Ukulele Instruments by Brian HefferanBrian Hefferan

Perky original ukulele instrumentals fingerpicked on soprano ukulele by Brian Hefferan, with ukulele and bass-banjo accompaniment. Feel free to download and enjoy these tunes (all podsafe!), or listen to the entire album as a
playlist with ogg vorbis-format files or as a playlist with mp3-format files.
These tunes were were composed over the course a few weeks in late winter 2005. After returning from a lunchtime walk in a park along the Grand River in Lansing, Michigan, I'd turn on a little portable recorder and start playing the ukulele, and a new tune would pop out. I'd re-record and name the the tune that same night, so most of what you hear was recorded the day it was composed.

Raspberry Rag
(listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Raspberry is one of my spouse Lynn's many names. If she were a fruit, it would be a raspberry.

Appaloosa Trot
(ogg vorbis | mp3) For a while the first few bars of this would just seem to pop out of the ukulele every time I picked it up, so I turned the lick into a tune. The rest of the tunes on this project followed over the next few weeks.

Hungry Man
(ogg vorbis | mp3) This was recorded before supper. I was hungry.

Indy Hop
(ogg vorbis | mp3) makes me think of good times walking with friends in downtown Indianapolis during MidWest Uke Fest.

(ogg vorbis | mp3) is a name the Chippewa people used for what is now called the Grand River in Michigan. It is also a name the communities in what is now the Detroit area used for the land to the west in Michigan, the "land beyond," where I have always lived.

Goose Waddle Rag
(ogg vorbis | mp3) A flock of Canada Geese sometimes congregates on the path along the river. They waddle off the path at the last moment when I approach.

Bean Boil
(ogg vorbis | mp3) simmering in the kettle.

Ukulele Boogie Blues
(ogg vorbis | mp3) Combines the Hawaiian turnaround and some boogie-woogie licks, with a few measures of ukulele existential angst added in the middle.

Ukulele Cha
(ogg vorbis | mp3) I don't know why, but in my head I hear the voice of the late great Tiny Tim saying "Chaaa!" at the stop-time parts of this perky tune. It's me cha-ing on this recording, though.

Minnesota Tickle
(ogg vorbis | mp3) The uke seems to giggle up on the high frets.

Bumpy Ride
(ogg vorbis | mp3) I drove down a washboard-surfaced gravel road the night before this jerky tune was born.

Toothache Rag
(ogg vorbis | mp3) A somber little rag, with a nitrous-oxide section in the middle.

Handy's Jig
(ogg vorbis | mp3) Named for an excellent Mexican grocery store / deli I often stop at for lunch.

Fast Track
(ogg vorbis | mp3) Some times I like to pick as fast as I can, or faster..

Magda Waltz
(ogg vorbis | mp3) Magda cooks and sells delicious Egyptian food at the Lansing City Market.


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