Everybody's Pickin' On Me

Everybody's Pickin' on Me

words by Irving Lewis music by Isabell D'Armond 1907 Hear this song sung by Arthur Collins (c.1909) from Collected Works of Arthur Collins part 1 at archive.org. Hear Brian Hefferan sing his 2004 version from his Everybody's Doin' It album. View original sheet music from the African American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 (from Brown University) at The Library of Congress
[Verse 1] C G7 C G7 What is the matter Henry, what makes you look so sad? C G D7 G7 You act like you was 'a going to die or lost every friend you had G7 C E7 Am Has you been a gambling Henry? Has your gal done gone and wed? D G Maybe I could help you out if I knew what its about D7 G7 but Henry only sighed and shook his head [Chorus] G7 C Everybody's pickin' on me, gettin' sick of it as can be G7 a friend's a friend when a friend's in need C but everyone helps everybody else but me G7 my friends have treated me awful bad C borrowed every cent that I had A7 Dm I've got this gun to hide behind that tree D7 G7 C and pick off everybody that's a pickin' on me [Verse 2] Pay no attention Henry, just let them act then do go all about your little affairs, let no one bother you Just give me that shotgun Henry, what you won't, well we shall see I'll just have you put in jail and no one will go your bail Then Henry cried once more "Don't pick on me"