In the Moonlight with the Girl You Love

In The Moonlight with the Girl You Love

by Edward Stanley, 1905 Hear a version sung by Harry Macdonough from The Virtual Gramophone at the Library and Archives Canada Hear the Fabulous Heftones sing their 2004 version from their Moon June Spoon album ____________________________________________________________ [Verse] D D#dim A7 There's a time for everything you've oft' heard people say D D#dim A7 That's the reason Cupid does so little work by day D B7 E7 He's a fiesty fellow though he likes his little darts A7 And he thinks the fires of love should not be lit 'til dark D D#dim A7 So if you ever fall in love remember what I say D D#dim A7 when the sun is high above love's game you'll n'er to play D B7 E7 Wait until the moon is up and take your lady fair A7 walk into the moonlight - you can win - her - there [Chorus] D A7 In the moonlight, mellow moonlight while the stars watch from above Bm D A7 D In the moonlight, silvery moonlight, in the moonlight with the one you love