Mike's The Boy

Mike's the Boy

1909 Hear this song sung by Arthur Collins (c.1909) from Collected Works of Arthur Collins part 1 at archive.org. Hear Brian Hefferan sing his 2004 version [Verse 1] A D Just to Look at pretty Little Rosie Shay G D Would throw a man into a panic A D Rosie has a most attractive way A E7 A so she was a kitchen mechanic G D The iceman told the coalman and the coalman told the rest A D that she don't like any one man best G D but oh, my, they never saw A E7 A How things stood when Rosie went to the door [Chorus] A D A D Seven o'clock along comes the milkman, he gets a look worthwhile A Bm A E7 A Eight o'clock along comes the iceman, he gets a real sweet smile D A D Nine o'clock along comes the fishman, he gets a glance that gives him joy A Bm A# A D Later in the afternoon comes Mike the cop, ... Mike's the boy! [Verse 2] Just to Look at mike the cop when he was home Would start the talk among the neighbors From his fireside he'll never roam except when he goes to his labors then Mrs. Jones told Mrs. Brown and she told Mrs. Dan "Oh Mike's real good for a married man" but oh, my, they never saw Mike the cop with Rosie Shay at the door