Somebody Else is Getting IT

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Somebody Else is Getting It

Hear this song sung by Arthur Collins (c.1912) from Collected Works of Arthur Collins part 1 at Hear Brian Hefferan sing his 2004 version from his Everybody's Doin' It album. View original sheet music from the Lester S. Levy Collection at Johns Hopkins University.
[Verse 1] C E7 F C I kept company with a pearl, you could call her my dear girl G C D7 G7 'spent my money on her you see, and I thought she'd marry me C E7 F C When I lost my job one day she said "goodbye, on your way" D G D G7 Now she's got another beau, a pal of mine with lots of dough [Chorus] C D7 G7 C Somebody else is gettin 'it, right where his collar ought to be C D7 G7 Somebody else is gettin' it, right where chicken got the A-X-E C E7 Somebody else thinks he's in fine F C but he'll get his where I got mine C D7 G7 C Somebody else is gettin' it, right where she handed it to me [Verse 2] C E7 F C I was awfully good to her, when I drew my fifteen per G C D7 G7 Every Saturday night we'd go to a cafe concert show C E7 F C She'd say "I like lobster, Gee!" then she'd smile and look at me D G D G7 where she is now I don't care, but one thing tickles me for fair