Under The Bamboo Tree

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Under the Bamboo Tree

by Cole and Johnson Bros. 1903 Hear Harry Macdonough sing a 1903 version from the Library and Archives Canada. Hear it Sung by Brian Hefferan, 2004, from the album Mother I'm Wild! View original 1903 sheet music from the Lester S. Levy Collection at Johns Hopkins University.
[Verse] C G7 Down in the jungle lived a maid, C G7 Out in a palace in the shade, E7 Am A marked impression once she made, D7 G7 Upon a boy from Malibu; C G7 And ev'ry morning he would be C G7 Down underneath the bamboo tree, E7 Am Awaiting there his love to see D7 G7 And then to her he'd sing: [Chorus] C F C F If you like-a-me like I like-a-you C F C And we like-a-both the same, G7 I like-a-say, This very day, C I'd like-ta change your name; C F C F 'Cause I love-a-you and love-you a-true C F C And if you-a love-a me. G7 One live as two, two live as one, C Under the bamboo tree.