When I Looked In Your Wonderful Eys

When I Looked In Your Wonderful Eyes

Lyric by Stanley Dunkerley Music by Nat Osborne 1920 Hear the Fabulous Heftones sing their 2004 version from their Moon June Spoon album. View scans of the 1920 sheet music : (cover) (page 3) (page 4) (page 5)
[Verse] Fm The light of the stars and the sun grew dim C When I looked in your wonderful eyes C7 The radiance that beamed from your soul within D7 G7 C7 Showed the way to where happiness lies [Chorus] F Gm C7 When I looked in you eyes, your wonderful eyes F C7 the dreams that I dreamed all came true Gm C7 Dm The clouds passed away, the night turned to day G7 C7 and brought me the sunshine and you F Gm C7 Like a star up above, the light of your love F7 Bb will shine through my sorrows and sighs Bbm F D7 I realize I found my paradise Gm C7 F When I Looked in your Wonderful Eyes