When You Steal a Kiss or Two

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When you Steal a Kiss or Two

Hear Ada Jones and Billy Murray sing on their 1907 recording from the Collected Works of Ada Jones and Billy Murray Part 2 at archive.org Hear the Fabulous Heftones sing their 2004 version from their Moon June Spoon album View sheet music from the National Library of Australia.
[Verse] C Suppose that I'm a girl from Germany G C The Fatherland, you understand Em Suppose that you're a boy from gay Par-ree B7` G7 Home of romance, in sunny France C But I don't know a word of your Francais, G C and German, too, is Greek to you. C7 F Do you think that you can find a way to say B7 that you love me? G7 Why, certainly! --- [Chorus] C G7 Words are not the only thing when you are making love C The eyes are always whispering come be my turtledove C7 F Every time you take her hand, she knows your love is true Fm C And lips are only needed, G7 C when you steal a kiss or two