Zizzy Ze Zum Zum

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Zizzy, Ze Zum, Zum!

Words by Karl Kennett Music by Lyn Udall Hear this song sung by Arthur Collins (c.1898) from Collected Works of Arthur Collins part 1 at archive.org. Hear Brian Hefferan sing his 2004 version from his Everybody's Doin't album. View original 1898 sheet music from the Lester S. Levy Collection at Johns Hopkins University.
[Verse 1] D A D A happy little chappie at the club one day Bm had nothing at all to do D So he wrote a little ditty in a ragtime way, E7 A7 and sang a verse or two D A D And the other little chappies when they heard that song Bm they said "It's a peach, by gum!" D G Ddim And the all joined in and sang like sin D A7 Ze Zizzy ze zum zum zum [Chorus] D Ze zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum zum D That was the rag refrain D Ze zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum E7 A7 It drove them all insane D A D From the yappy of the chappie to the deep bazoo Bm of the raggedy tag old bum D G Ddim the whole town rang with the rattlely bang D A7 D of the zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum zum zum [Verse 2] The neatest little sweetest little maiden gay with a little wooly dog on a chain Was skipping and a tripping on her homeward way, and caught the rag refrain and she sang it to the spieler of the belfry chimes, and he to his belfry chum and the chime he chome in the glimm'ring gloam was ze zizzy ze zum zum zum [Verse 3] The happy little chappie got a dreadful jolt When he thought of this awful crime So he took his little ditty and he tried to bolt, they caught him just in time He is tenting and repenting on a red hot stove where the little red devils come and they don't do a thing but make him sing ze zizzy ze zum zum zum